The Jenny Hammond Primary School, E11, Feb-Mar-22


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Please select which Just Curious clubs you wish to book from the drop down menu above.

We have two clubs to choose from this term. Both of these clubs are part of our programme to get children actively engaged with technology rather than being passive consumers i.e. to creatively design and code rather than play video games (or watch other people play them!)

Monday 3.20 – 5.20 | Monday’s 2hr session is Creative Lab. You’ll learn to use apps on the iPad to play and perform music, animate using a variety of animation styles and techniques, learn how to draw and colour in various styles and use code to bring it all to life. No previous musical/animation/coding skills are necessary. You’ll experience a wide range of creative artforms and learn in a fun and relaxed way. Ages: yr2 to yr6

Wednesday 3.20 – 5.20 | Wednesday’s 2hr session is Animation Studio. You’ll learn how to design characters in various styles and animate them using free web apps. The first hour will be focussed on graphic design and animation while the second hour will be more focussed on bringing our animations to life with coding. We’ll discuss our design decisions, present our ideas and give each other feedback on our work. We’ll learn about famous illustrators, animators and games designers/studios and gain an understadning of the various roles within the animation industry. Ages: yr2 to yr6

Please arrive promptly to collect your children from Yr 6 Chestnut class at the club end time. The gates on Elsham Road will open at 4:15.

Please note: Due to the registration process it is currently not possible to book clubs for more than one child at a time. Please complete checkout with the clubs you require for your first child before returning to book clubs for your second. We are working on a more user-friendly system.

Bookings are taken on a first come first served basis. Full payment must be received at the time of booking.  A minimum of 12 children must be registered 7 days prior to the start date for the club to go ahead. Once booked refunds will not be issued unless cancelled by us or the school due to unforeseen circumstances.

The Jenny Hammond | Feb - Mar 2022

Creative Lab > Mondays > 3.20-5.20 > Yr2-6, Animation Studio > Wednesdays > 3.20-5.20 > Yr2-6

The Jenny Hammond | Apr - May 2022

Creative Lab > Mondays > 3.20-5.20 > Yr2-6, Animation Studio > Wednesdays > 3.20-5.20 > Yr2-6

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