Online Clubs | Apr – May 2020



Please select the Just Curious clubs you wish to book from the drop down menu above. Session times are 3:00 until 4:00 PM. BST (GMT+1)

This series of clubs will run for 5 sessions from week beginning 27th April 2020.

Please note: Due to the registration process it is currently not possible to book clubs for more than one child at a time. Please complete checkout with the clubs you require for your first child before returning to book clubs for your second. We are working on a more user-friendly system.

Before booking please read the following taken from our terms of service:

  • You are solely responsible for your own and your child’s health and safety whilst participating in any Just Curious Club online classes or meetings.
  • If you/your children are taking part in a physical class e.g. movement or dance:
      • Please do not do anything beyond your capabilities. Ensure your child does the same.
      • Ensure you have sufficient space to participate in the Just Curious Club class to minimise the risk of injury or objects falling on you.
  • We are using third party software systems e.g. Zoom, Facebook live, Youtube live etc which are not affiliated to Just Curious Club. Please be aware that you are downloading and using these systems at your own risk.
  • If you are 16 or under you MUST have a parent or guardian present in the room or close by for the duration of the Just Curious Club class.
  • If you are 16 or under you MUST use a parent or guardian’s computer, laptop or phone device for the duration of the Just Curious Club class.
  • If you are under the age of 18 MUST NOT participate in any Just Curious Club classes or meetings in a bedroom or private space. A communal area such as a lounge, kitchen, dining room with the door open must be used.
  • Everyone taking part in our classes must be dressed fully and appropriately for the activity.
  • Inappropriate language, racism, sexism or prejudice will not be tolerated and participants found to be acting in this way will be asked to leave the club with no refund given.
  • Participants must not make any recordings or take screenshots of the classes or meetings, or post to social media. You do not have signed consent from the other members in the class.
  • At checkout we will ask you to indicate your consent for the use of images and video.
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