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Welcome to our inspiration page for Just Curious Clubbers and Families. 

This section is all about getting children and families inspired to try new disciplines, activities and develop skills.

 It is a curated section that includes a number of art-forms and disciplines.

Visit this page regularly to see what we have chosen for you to explore.  Stay curious, keep exploring, keep questioning and keep trying new things


Stories & Words

All Things
Make, Do, Think, Create
Museums & Heritage

Outdoor Learning


The Wild Visitor with Punchdrunk

#The Wild Visitor is a new free experience from @punchdrunkuk for families to enjoy together, at home. 

It’s an invitation to go on an imaginative adventure with your child, to welcome a magical creature into your home and experience the great outdoors in a new way. Aimed children aged 3-11 years old and their parents or carers to do together. 

See video below and find out more here:

Tech & innovation

Made with Code is an initiative launched by Google on 19 July 2014. Google aimed to empower young women in middle and high schools with computer programming skills.

Museum Inspiration

The Design Museum
Ever wondered what dressing for Life on Mars might look like?

''What would you wear to survive the uninhabitable, harsh conditions of Mars? Remember there are a few obstacles along the way: radiation, temperatures ranging from 70 degrees F near the equator, and minus 100 degrees at night ...pick your outfit wisely. Leading fashion designer, Christopher Raeburn (RÆBURN Design), provides some inspiration. Interviewed by Emily Sandford.''

Art : Do, Think, Create

TATE kids
Make a soundscape
Listen to waves crashing and other nature sounds and make rubbings to create a soundscape with Kirstie Beaven.

Kids Think About Race & Art | Tate Kids

''Watch kids exploring the Soul of a Nation exhibition and find out more about art in the age of Black Power.''

Dance and Movement

A collaboration between Google Arts and Culture Lab and Studio Wayne McGregor.

''Introducing an experiment with multi-award-winning choreographer Wayne McGregor and Google Arts & Culture Lab: Living Archive - a tool for choreography powered by machine learning. The tool generates original movement inspired by Wayne McGregor’s 25-year archive, creating a live dialogue between dancers and his body of work.''

Meet National Youth Dance Company 2020-21

Sadler's Wells Theatre
The new generation of dancers you need to know about. From Preston to Brighton, in front rooms and back gardens, meet National Youth Dance Company 2020-21. These 29 dancers are working with 2020-21 Guest Artistic Director Alesandra Seutin.

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